We always recommend that patients see us at least twice a year and possibly more often depending on their needs. However, many patients feel they cannot afford to see a dentist so frequently and decide to schedule appointments only when they are experiencing dental emergencies. You might think this would save you money, but it can actually end up costing you more if a serious problem is detected that requires more expensive or invasive treatment. Seeing a dentist regularly can actually save you money and preserve your oral health in the long run.

Dr. Sharon Cobham and our team understand the financial concerns you may have and want to help you afford the excellent dental care you and your family need. We are pleased to accept Medicaid, which can provide the coverage you need for your dental care! Medicaid assists eligible disadvantaged patients in receiving healthcare services, including dental care.

To get started with our dentist, call Carolina Cosmetic Dental Care at 336-586-1919 to discuss using Medicaid to cover your dental care costs in Burlington, North Carolina. We can discuss your coverage options and help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for life!

Learn How to Apply for Medicaid Coverage in North Carolina